STOP using a roller on your IT band

IT band I’ve been saying this for years “don’t roll your IT band on a hard roller”  Don’t get me wrong!! I like the foam roller as a tool to increase the level of difficulty stabilizing a position. Take for example an abdominal exercise performed on your back. When done on the floor you will feel the prime movers contract but when the same exercise is done lying lengthwise on a roller, you’ll feel those core muscles, the deep muscles that form your inner unit ( tranverse abdominals, Multifidus, pelvic floor) Lately, I’ve been seeing people with those rollers that look like Michelin tires rolling their body weight up and down the leg. The IT band is pretty much just a tendon and so treating it like your tenderizing meat isn’t going to help. I’m all for self release but use caution with hard materials on soft tissue. Best place to start is by strengthening the glut med which can be done with good old fashion side leg lift executed properly, with good alignment, parallel legs and slow control movement.That would be the short answer. Long term you need a well balanced, total body exercise program that focuses not only on your global strength but on your stabilizers. Try Pilates Winnipeg and get ride of IT band trouble. If you are interest in reading more go to: monique_signature

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