Lisa Howell is Coming to Winnipeg February 2015

Due to popular demand Lisa Howell from Sydney, Australia is finally hosting an intensive Dance Teacher Training weekend for Dance Teachers and Health professionals in Winnipeg: February 20 to 22, 2015Lisa 3

Whether you are a dance teacher who wants to give more to your students, or a health professional who works closely with dancers, this 3 day intensive training course will be very powerful for you. The focus of the course is to help fine tune your observation skills, assessment of technical faults and anatomical restrictions, allowing you to work with dancers at a much higher level. You will leave with a deeper understanding of how to correct these issues with specific exercises or stretches, and how to integrate this into a dancers training and class work.

Lisa is the owner and creator of Perfect Form Physiotherapy and has a strong history in classical dance and is well respected both nationally and internationally for her work with young dancers, professional dancers and dance teachers. Lisa’s focus is on education to prevent injury and maximise performance rather than waiting for injury to occur. At the 2007 IADMS conference her poster on pre-pointe assessment was joint-winner of the award for the poster making “The Greatest Contribution To Dance Medicine” and continues to develop programs to educate and inspire young dancers to become the best that they can possible be. Lisa is also a qualified instructor in The Pilates Method and has had extensive personal involvement in various forms of Dance and Yoga. Throughout her professional studies and career she has continued her involvement with dance and uses her personal experience as a constant learning tool to advance her knowledge.

For more information on Lisa’s workshops and how to register please go to:


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