Dancers and Pilates are a match made in core-strengthening heaven! Principal Dancer Greta Hodgkinson reveals the “secret weapon” that keeps her in shape and stage ready.

Best kept secret in fitness. The power of Pilates….give it a try at Pilates Winnipeg,       254 Edmonton street

Watch this video demonstration by National Ballet of Canada principle dancer.


Reformer will change how you feel about Pilates

I’ve heard so many people lately saying “oh I’ve tried Pilates and I didn’t like it”
What they don’t know is that the majority of the pilates exercises are done on equipment.The Reformer is the key to understanding Pilates. If all you’ve tried are Mat classes, consider equipment-based classes. It is dynamic, fun, safe and so effective.

Consider these 5 myths about Pilates: PW 5

1- Pilates is slow and boring

2- Pilates is for woman

3- Pilates is like yoga

4- Pilates is expensive

5- Pilates is to easy

If you are one of those people who think you won’t like Pilates, think again. Try it, I know you will love it!


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Passion for Pilates

 Kal Barteski has found back-pain relief with Pilates.

Kal Barteski has found back-pain relief with Pilates Winnipeg (KEN GIGLIOTTI / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS)

KAL BARTESKI, artist, painter, poet and creator of ‘brush script” art

Her Favourite workout?  Without a doubt, my favourite workout of my entire life would be a solid intermediate workout on the reformer (a machine that provides resistance to assist in developing proper alignment, core strength and flexibility). I found Pilates on the reformer after a long love affair with the gym and a drag of a back injury. Pilates is a workout for your body, but also for your brain. I love the challenge. I love the connection, the feedback, the endorphins. I love the body awareness. I love the physical test and intelligence behind the science. Read more…