Private Pilates, Pembina location

On Mondays, starting June 26, Monique will be available for private lessons at Pilates Winnipeg’s new location at 1383 Pembina Highway. please text 204-955-8900 to book your lesson.

Pilates for Rehab, consider these five common ailments:

low back pain      

injured rotator cuff     

 knee pain    

plantar fasciitis    

post-natal diastasis recti


Pilates is one of the best exercise options for dealing with chronic pain because it involves neuro-muscular re-education. We begin by creating an awareness of the deep torso muscles that create the body’s core support system. We work to increase general strength, endurance and the re-patterning of any muscular-skeletal imbalances that may exist, so that the body is reintegrated as a whole. All movements are carefully monitored by a certified STOTT PILATES instructor with experience working with injuries and special populations. All exercises are individualized and designed to avoid pain.


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