NEW St. Vital location Opens Thursday evening

917 St. Mary's Rd. photo #1


Our new St. Vital studio is opening for business on Thursday, September 29th starting with the 5:30 PM class. Earlier classes that day are canceled to allow the movers to transfer equipment to our new location. I can’t wait to show you my new space!

The class schedule will stay essentially the same. Gianna will continue to provide on- site physio services Mondays and Wednesdays.

New classes added to the schedule:

Intermediate Pilates Mondays at 9:00 am with Kameo

Pilates for Dancers, Mondays at 5:30 pm with Monique

Essential Pilates Tuesdays at 9:30 am with Kameo

Essential Pilates Wednesdays at 9:00 am with Kameo

Total Barre has been move to 7:30 pm

When you come to visit us, you can park either in front of the building on St Mary’s (after 9 AM) or on the residential streets nearby.

Please check out our new location on Google maps. Looking forward to seeing you in our new home!


A Pilates gift for MOM this year

Celebrate this Mother’s Day with Pilates Winnipeg. Here are a few gift ideas:

A ball for the best ab work without creating excess strain on the neck.

I LOVE Pilates mug. She can enjoy her “Pi Latte” every morning.

A gift certificate for a class or a one on one lesson.

Available at both locations in St Vital or downtown. Text us if you plan to drop by       204-955-8900



 Golfer Tiger Woods, basketball player Kobe Bryant, Olympic volleyball champions Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh, football players, Ruben Brown, Rodney Harrison and Surfer Kelly Slater all have one thing in common : PILATES
Do your body a favor this summer and try it! You will feel stronger, taller and fitter than ever.
 Text me for an appointment 204-955-8900

New INTRO classes

If you have friends or family that have always wanted to take a Pilates equipment class, they can join any of the following, knowing the instructor will be teaching the basics, step by step. Providing you have no serious  injuries, sign up online.
Intro Pilates St Vital Location
Every Tuesday  @ 12:30 & 5:30 pm
Saturdays @1:00 pm
Intro Pilates Downtown Location
 Every Thursday  @ 12:00
Drop-in fee $25.00
10 class pass $195.00



Documentary about 3 boys dancing at Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. One of those boys featured is my son Michel, 14 at the time. It will air Sunday January 17th 2016 at 12noon channel 912 with Shaw and channel 409 with MTS


Dans l’univers de la danse classique, les danseuses sont souvent mises de l’avant, dans toute leur élégance… mais qu’en est-il des danseurs ? Le documentaire « Les boys du ballet » plonge dans l’univers de trois garçons qui s’investissent corps et âme dans le ballet depuis un très jeune âge : Logan, 10 ans, Michel, 14 ans et Philippe, 21 ans. Ils sont tous les trois danseurs au Ballet royal de Winnipeg, l’une des plus vieilles compagnies de danse en Amérique. L’école compte une division récréative, une division professionnelle, ainsi que le programme des aspirants, le plus haut et dernier niveau. Chaque année, le Ballet royal lance un processus d’auditions à travers le Canada afin de recruter les talents les plus prometteurs dans son école professionnelle. Sur les 500 jeunes qui auditionnent chaque année, le Ballet Royal de Winnipeg n’en accepte qu’une centaine dans son école d’été. Au terme de cette courte formation estivale, l’école n’en retient qu’une trentaine

Pilates gift certificate for the wellness conscious

Meet Monique Lavoie, Owner of Pilates Winnipeg and STOTT PILATES Lead Instructor Trainer

Monique teaching Star  Reformer exercise that is killer on core

Monique teaching Star
Reformer exercise that is killer on core

Monique is a serious goal crusher and a true inspiration when it comes to living with purpose and doing what you love. She has had such a positive influence on the Dance and Pilates community and we can’t wait to see what’s next for her.

Is PILATES WINNIPEG on your list of classes to try for 2016!                                  

Text for an appointment 204-955-8900